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About Tap Water

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Drinking water typically contains chlorine or monochloramine to prevent regrowth of bacteria in water pipes.
Water pipes house billions of bacteria and viruses in layers of sediment and sludge. When released in small numbers, they are instantly killed by the chlorine in the water, but when lumps of sludge are ripped off by pressure changes in the pipes, there is not enough chlorine and it could cause intestinal disorders or more serious ailments.


According to a research on "Identification of Bacteria in Water Biofilms" presented by Ms. Margaret Williams of the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia during the 105th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), the type of disinfectant used to treat water affects which species of bacteria colonizes model water biofilms. Biofilms are composed of bacteria and other microorganisms and are attached to surfaces, such as the inside of water pipes, by sticky substances produced by the microbes. Biofilms are found naturally in almost any environment containing sufficient moisture to support microbial growth. The same substances that help microbes stick to interior pipe surfaces also protect them from the disinfectants added to the water.

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