GLOW® is the next generation of water purifiers designed to change today's way of drinking clean water and attitude of consuming products and services that are hazardous to our environment such as bottled water and water refilling stations. 

Benefits of GLOW

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A SMART alternative to bottled water is having your OWN water purifier. Unlimited supply of CLEANER, HEALTHIER and BETTER-TASTING  water at your own convenience.

There are various brands of water purifiers on the market, but water purifiers have yet to become a BASIC standard household appliance. GLOW has created a solution to this: GLOW UV400.

The UV400, an internationally patented Swedish creation, is based on an innovative combination of filtration and UV light technology. It has unique features and other special finesses which you cannot find in any water purification systems today.

  • EFFECTIVE in-home water purification system

    Filters the tiniest of particulates improving clarity

    UV light technology nature's way of purifying:
    - destroys more than 99.999% of bacteria
    - destroys more than 99.99% of viruses
    - effectively removes more than 140 contaminants in water i.e.
      mercury, lead, radon, pesticides and many others

    Tested and certified by Alcontrol Laboratories in Sweden

    Does not reduce or remove beneficial minerals in the water

  • ECONOMICAL way of getting safe and purified drinking water

    Clean, safe and delicious water to a fraction of the cost
    Cheaper water, more savings when consuming bottled water
    or water from refilling stations

    Runs on low voltage (12 V) via net adapter which means security and low-energy consumption

    No more costly and time-consuming trips to the groceries for your daily supply of drinking water

    No costly service contract which is usually required by many water purification systems

  • EASY & CONVENIENT to use and maintain

    Easy to install: to your tap with a speed-fit connector or directly to the water pipeline like your dishwasher or washing machine

    Easy to operate: just a touch of the Blue Button!

    Easy to attach to your kitchen wall or simply place on your counter top

    No service technicians needed for filter change and maintenance

    Maintenance-free UV lamp

  • ELEGANT & SLEEK design underlining the superior quality

    An authentic Swedish invention (Made in Sweden!)

    An elegance to be proudly shown-off on  your kitchen counter-top


    No more plastic bottles needed therefore no release of toxic chemicals from the manufacturers or in the disposal of plastic bottles

    No more transportation and/or carrying of bottles and containers which can definitely save a lot of energy

    Less demand for water from water refilling stations could discourage and/or lessen the need for deep well drillings and withdrawal of water (most of them not regualted by the government) which can lead to environmental problems 

For a detailed description of how the purification process works, kindly read "The GLOW Purification Process".